Mrs. Eurie Lee Thomas McGee

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Mrs. Eurie Lee Thomas McGee was born August 25, 1925, to Mr. Odie Thomas and Mrs. Eula Sheets Thomas.  Her mother passed away when Eurie was at a tender age, but the Lord in His infinite wisdom blessed her with a wonderful stepmother, Mrs. Sadie Mae Thomas (Mama Sadie).  The Thomas’s reared their children in a God-fearing home in the area of New Baden, TX.  Eurie Lee attended public schools in the various communities where she lived.  She attended Phyllis Wheatley High School in Houston.

In 1947, she married Mr. Maxie Lee McGee Sr., their lives were soon blessed with three sons – Otis (called Bunky), Maxie Jr. (called Pedie) and Craig.

She was preceded in death by Maxie Lee in 1993, Pedie in 2005, Craig in 2007 and Bunky in 2015.  During these difficult years, she remained a pillar of strength for her family.

The McGee’s were business owners in Houston and Bryan.  They founded McGee Trucking, an independent gravel transport company, and the M & E Motel.

Eurie Lee worked in various industries but was most admired for her excellent cooking skills.  She made every recipe look simple and easy to make.  Every dish was perfectly seasoned and prepared in enormous pots to accommodate the appetites of her “hefty” boys, and for anyone else seeking a good meal.  Family and friends from East coast to West coast looked forward to receiving her holiday peanut brittle made with her “secret” ingredient.  She was thrilled when her cornbread dressing recipe was featured in the holiday cooking editions of The Houston Post.  It became one of the newspaper’s most frequently requested reprint recipes during Thanksgiving.

Eurie Lee was a longtime member of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church while living in Houston, and a member of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church while living in Bryan.  She enjoyed traveling throughout the country with an organization of Christian women known as The Heights Y.

In 2015, as she celebrated her 90th birthday, she was asked if life gets easier as you get older.  She paused, smiled and finally answered, “Everything is easier when you put your hand in God’s hand”.  On May 23, 2016, The Lord of Peace led Eurie to a glorious new beginning, to join her parents, husband, and sons.

Her legacy of strength and love for The Savior will pass to her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and many new generations to follow.  She will be missed greatly by her family members and friends throughout Texas, California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, Washington and Washington D.C.

Betty Robinson

May 25th, 2016



  1. tanangela sharp walker says:

    I will truly miss u ….i am going to miss coming to work just to go to your room and talk give you ice cream and a big kiss and pretty smile ….love you -sam-.

  2. tanangela sharp walker says:

    Like u say everything is easy when u put ur hands in gods hands

  3. Garylyn McGee says:

    Saying that I love you simply doesn’t cover how I feel inside. It doesn’t cover the endless conversations, the many times you made me laugh when I felt down, the advice you shared and how you could get me to see another side of an issue. People laughed when I told them how we watched the soap operas and daytime talk shows together — you watching in Bryan and me watching in Houston. My husband could always tell when I had been talking to you. Your opinion would soon become my opinion, and he would say “Oh, so you been talking to Mama, huh.” Wow, where did the time go?
    I know WHERE you are, I know WHO you are with. I KNOW you are happy. Save me a place…dear mother-in-law, dear friend, Garylyn

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